Not at my best

First Mark had surgery. Then he went camping. Now? His back is out. Basically I’ve been on my own with these kids for, um, EVER! We have friends in town and while here they took Lily away for an afternoon and let me run off now and again, but I was all freaked out and stressed because there were people in my house and I felt compelled to care for them with food and clean towels. And they do things differently than I do and well, it turns out I’m kinda OCD, so I'm rather twitchy. I even called Krystyn the other day and unloaded on her, big time. Then we laughed because, um? Crazy much?

I have some fantastic photos to share of my cute girlies playing with the visiting girlie, but haven’t the strength to upload them. I’m recovering from taking the trash out to the curb. Those of you who have been to my house will understand that statement implicitly. For those of you who have not been here, you need to understand that you cannot see my house from the road due to an incredibly long and steep driveway. SO, in order to bring the trash to the curb, you have to drag a can (crawling with ants) all the way up the driveway, unload the ant infested bags of trash into the curbside can (also crawling with ants) at the top and then frantically brush ants off your body while doing an entertaining little dance for the neighbors (hereby known as the Crazy Ant Dance). Then you have to drag the still ant infested can back down the hill, cursing occasionally as the ants try to swarm up your arm and repeating miniature versions of the Crazy Ant Dance while trying not to get run over by the trash can on wheels you're dragging around. For a brief moment I considered crawling inside and riding down the hill for a thrill but stabilization control and ANTS made me rethink the brilliance of the idea.

You’d think there would be an easier way to do this.

You would be wrong.

So instead of sharing adorable photos, I’m still calling out all the lurkers. Say hello and buy me a shirt. I’ll get to posting photos when my body stops the involuntary shudders of the Crazy Ant Dance (yes, they’re off me, but I can still feel them).