Foot, meet mouth

I got to meet up with Sonja again on Friday and while we took the obligatory blogger meet-up photo I asked her at what point do we stop posting pictures of our get-togethers. I mean, at what point does it stop being a blogger meet-up and it starts being just Elaine and Sonja, having lunch and shopping for shoes? “After all,” I said, “people are going to be so jealous of you.”

Then it got very quiet.

And my brain? It rewound and played back the sentence, complete with misused pronoun. And I realized I had just firmly stuck my foot in my mouth and come across as the most conceited person on the internet. And I started to laugh, hoping she’d accept that my brain was crap and not that I really was a loser. Oh, and then I tried to explain myself, which I’m pretty sure made it worse. “People are going to be so jealous of ME.” I insisted between the waves of laughter. “ME! Not YOU!”

I’m pretty sure she’ll never see me again.

P.S. the photos taken with my camera suck. I look like a fat cow. IF she posts any from her camera AND I don't look like a crazy freak, I'll share them with you. Pinky swear!