Dance party weekend

Last Friday my little family went to the best freaking birthday party for a one-year-old I could have ever imagined. The party girls’ mom is the Artistic Director & Choreographer for a fantastic dance company in town. When I was Managing Director for an alternative theatre, Gina and I often worked for a common goal and now have found our thread again on a local parenting board. The party wasn’t flashy, nothing rented, not a single clown; just a whole mess of people I didn’t know that well, a pile of amazing potluck food, a beautiful home on a brilliant piece of property and a dance portion of the evening that rocked the house. Gina led the kids (and a few of the adults) in dance and though Anya chose that exact moment to nurse, I sat in the corner and laughed while my drunk husband and my exuberant three-year-old stomped their feet, jumped up and down, spun around in circles, rolled around the floor and howled with joy. It was awesome. Yes, I took pictures. Yes, you can find them at Flickr by clicking the image of Lily's wild flying hair below.

circle dance