You all have bitchen skillz

Can I just take a moment to thank you all? Seriously, your prayers to the Goddesses of Toddler Sleep were so freaking awesome, the world changed. Did you notice? Did the sky turn a different shade of blue where you live, or just here? Flowers, did they spring unexpectedly to bloom as you passed or only in my yard? Did you suddenly become a happy, bright, cheerful person or again, just me?

The night of this post, Mark and I switched sides of the bed so that he could sleep next to Anya, hoping that she would accept comfort from him. She did until 4:57am when she was ready for the milkies.

Last night, I slept in the guest bedroom, arming Mark with a bottle of expressed breast milk for the five am slot, just hoping everyone would be OK. He had put her to sleep with a bottle as well and I lay awake until midnight, worrying. And then I got up because my boobs were about to explode. The pump and I got comfy and once I felt a bit lighter (HA!) I went back to bed and slept until SIX-FREAKING-AM!

I never heard a peep out of my lovies in the room directly below me. Mark says there was a single fuss around 1:30am, he got up at four to pull the milk off the ice and at five when she started to stir, he just stuck the bottle in her mouth. She slept until SEVEN-FREAKING-AM!

My trip to the Bay Area next week? Totally going. And what’s more? Now I don’t have to worry! And THAT, my friends, is why you and your prayers to the Goddesses of Toddler Sleep totally freaking rock.