Picnic in the park

On Sunday our buddy Dr. Jack (you remember Dr. Jack, right?) and his family came for a visit and, along with a gang of friends, we met them in the park for a picnic. We seriously need to add “picnic in the park with friends” to our weekly agenda, we had so much fun. Of course since Dr. Jack and his family live several hours away, this may not be such a great idea for them, but we had fun so I’m going to push for it.

Just before everyone arrived, I discovered a really cool bug in the grass that looked like a grasshopper and a leaf got busy in the back of the bus, but it flew rather than hopped. I pointed it out to the kids playing in the area and together we inspected and talked about the strange creature. I told one of the girls about camouflage, explaining that this bug was so smart that it makes itself look like a leaf so the birds won’t eat it. She then went and got her brother and cousin and explained the concept to them. BRILLIANT! We all got a huge thrill watching the tangible spread of knowledge, happening right there as one kid taught another. Kids are awesome.

I also discovered that I am a funny, funny person. Lin had recently had surgery and she had to keep telling me to shut up or I was going to make her pull her stitches. I tried to not be funny, but alas, I had a hard time not getting yelled at. Who knew?

We ate good food (the most amazing grapes, ever), got into stuff, ran around in circles, fell down, cuddled and just had a blast. I’m thinking it was one of my favorite Sundays in a long time.

Click on the photo below for the whole set.

Dog pile on Jack

ETA: Allison tells me that this bug we were all so fond of is called a Katydid. Further proof that Allison is one of the coolest moms on the planet.