Pizza day

Why do we always forget how much fun it is to make pizza? I found a nice recipe for Whole Wheat and Honey Pizza Dough and made a few modifications namely, I added a little more water to the yeast, added about a cup of white flour to keep the dough light and I may have been a wee bit generous with the honey, OH and I let it rise for an hour or so, netting me enough dough to make four small pizzas. I cut up a bunch of toppings, Lily helped me shape the dough, got her own spoon to help spread the sauce, added the toppings between eating them (stop it!) and then jumped up and down while I put it in the oven. We ended up making three savory pizzas and one with cinnamon and sugar and a layer of pears. Warm pears are just about the best thing in the world, by the way. TRY IT, you’ll totally thank me later!

Did I take any pictures? Nope. I was having too much fun. Does that mean I’m leaving you photo deprived? Heck no! Would I do that to you beautiful people living inside my computer? Maybe, but not today. We’ve had a fun couple of days at the park so I give you my favorite: watch out, she’s gonna get ya!


PS My blogging time has become severally limited. I need to spend more time with my family rather than sitting here staring at the screen and telling my daughters to “hold on a minute.” Forgive me while I adjust!