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Lily has a stutter. She'll say, “Mom? I wanna, I wanna, I wanna go outsiiiiide.” I’m led to believe that stuttering is a very common thing in preschoolers that usually resolves itself; whereas stammering (“wa-wa-wa-want”) can indicate an actual problem requiring speech therapy and lots of other kids pointing and laughing. To me, it sounds more like she’s trying to figure out what it is she actually wants to say rather than an inability to get the words out. In the meantime, we’re just being very patient and letting her tell us whatever it is she needs to say.

I go away from my baby girl overnight for the first time in less than 60 hours. Still feeling OK about it, thanks.

It was 93 in the house today, which is clearly too hot for a home.

The other day while Anya was enjoying some naked time, she went out onto the deck to wander around, chewing on some cashews as she roamed. I watched as she walked over to Lily’s bedroom window, leaned against the pane with one hand and peed on the deck. She then sat down, spit out the cashews and proceeded to shove them up her junk. My mom was totally disturbed by this story. I thought it was hysterically funny. Shall I publish the phone number of the local CPS office or shall I make you all work for it?

Monday at playgroup, a five-year-old boy peed on a three-year-old boy. Deliberately. When I was told about this by a friend later (it happened after we left), I laughed so hard Chai almost came out of my nose. Again, shall I publish the phone number of the local CPS office or shall I make you all work for it?

My birthday was nice expect for that part where I yelled at my husband and told Lily I didn’t want to see her face for the next twenty minutes. I would have liked to have slept for another three hours that day, but such is life. I did get to hang out with a couple of friends, knitting and talking and forgetting the time. It was the perfect cap to my day and made me forget all about the suckass parenting I practiced that day.

Anya has a new sign for nursing. I keep trying to catch it on the video camera so I can share it with you all, but have (as of yet) been totally unsuccessful. Let’s just say that it’s practically obscene and when I show people, they almost piss themselves laughing. Intrigued? You bet your sweet ass you are. I’ll keep working on capturing the moment.

You people? Totally adore you. Thanks for hanging around for another year. MWAH!