Uh, er, well I, um... HI!

Been a wee bit quiet ‘round here. Sorry ‘bout that. But on the same day that I posted the whole thing about gigolos and crack whores I found out that my grandpa, who recently got his first computer, comes to this site daily. HI GRANDPA!

See, I have managed to hold the long standing status as the grandchild who has it all together. I’m not the only one of the grands mind you, but I do have a rep to uphold. I fear that by my grandfather getting hooked up to the net and actually coming here I may shatter the illusion. As a result I’ve been sitting on my hands for a couple of days being “busy”. I’m pretty sure this happens every time I find out someone in the real world reads my site and then I have to rearrange my brain to make sure I haven’t upset or alienated them. I swear, every time my mom says anything to me she gets this panicked look on her face and says, “You’re not going to blog about this, are you?” YES MOM! I’m writing everything down, but could you just speak clearly and slowly into this here mic? I’m trying to modernize!

It’s a balance. And I often fall down.

That being said did you know it’s De-lurking Week? This means you should comment. For benefit for my grandfather, who is still new to this whole internet thing, you comment by clicking on the red bit that reads "Sweet Nothings" below the main part of the text right after where it says “Posted on 10 Jan.” A little window will pop up, scroll down to the bottom and just fill in your first name and your email (don’t worry about URL). Then make a nice comment in the box below, clicking publish when you’re all done. Call me if you have any trouble. But don’t call mom; she won’t do it. She just tells me what she thinks in person. And then looks terrified and says “You’re not going to blog about this, are you?” I’m sorry Mom, could you say that again? I hadn’t turned on the recorder yet.

Also? If I randomly declared next week Blog Pig Latin Week, would that make it official? Would people all over write their posts in Pig Latin? Is that how this official week of [fill in the blank] happens? Or would I have to make a button? Is there a website that’ll translate for you, because I don’t know Pig Latin. Just asking.

ETA: Haloscan (my commenting thingie) is being evil and simply won't play with my blog today. If you can't comment, come back later or go on with your life. It's all good. As always, the timing is brilliant!