cowboys welcome, anytime

Last night the Rappin Cowboy performed at our house and while it was chaotic and distracting with all the kids mucking about, it was really a heck of a lot of fun. The house was perfect for the turn out, easily fitting the 50-something people (many of which were little people) in with plenty of room to dance. It was odd, I thought 50 people would be crushed in here, but we easily could have fit another 30 people inside and another 50 out. The kids were all rather restless at first and had trouble getting into the performance, but once Sandman jumped into it full force, the kids tuned in and got excited, even getting up on stage with him, dancing and singing. Lily busted out with some hip hop moves we have no idea she even knew. Oh, and she made three costume changes. Clearly that kid is destined for a life in the performing arts.

His music was an interesting mishmash of country, rap, folk and pure poetry. At times, he was laughing so hard at the antics of our outgoing gaggle of children that he flubbed lines or stopped altogether. “Was this one of the harder shows you’ve ever done?” I asked. He assured me it was not, that once the kids got into it, he was having a blast. And I must confess, he was one of the nicest performers I’ve ever met (and I’ve met/worked with a whole lot), polite, enthusiastic, appreciative, talented, charming and with a smile that just forced you to grin foolishly along with him.

We ended the night with Sandman silk screening some shirts for us and the kids doing their own raps into the microphone. Mark and I stayed up late, hopped up on the energy of the evening and talking about how we want to have more and more nights just like this. Mark even started figuring out where the lighting should go and how to install a PA system. It was awesome. You so wish you could have been there.

Click on the photo below to see the whole set.

Lily takes to the Mic