It's been an odd day

First there was the driving to the tire store hoping the punctured, nearly flat tire wouldn’t explode and kill us all.

Then there was Anya’s incessant need to sit in puddles of water. When it’s cold outside. And I have no extra pants.

Then there was the following conversation between my friend Vikki and me as we drove away from the tire place:

V: Does that sign seriously say “Full Car Detail Special $200”?

Me: Huh. It does.

V: I wonder what they do to make it worth $200.

Me: I’m betting your car gets detailed by unicorns. I’d totally pay $200 to see that.

Let’s not forget that I threw scads of cloth diapering supplies at a mom I knew because I really really wanted her to be successful and was going to do everything in my limited power to make that happen.

And there was Anya running around the house without pants, peeing on the floor repeatedly and then coming over to bring me to it, proudly showing off the puddle (but thankfully not sitting in it). I finally got her on the potty and laughed at her shocked look when she peed in it and it suddenly dawned on her that THAT’S what you do with that thing. Fingers crossed she’ll remember tomorrow.

We had a lovely rendition of Lily telling a joke while sitting on the potty. A joke that went like this:

L: Mom! Where did my carrot go?

Me: I don’t know, Lil.

L: Weeeeeeeell, it’s gotta be somewhere!

Me: Where is it?

L: Say! What’s this funny bump in my dress?

Me: I have no idea.


There was also a crazy lady on one of the Yahoo! groups I facilitate who basically called me “disturbed” and then left the list in a huff. Apparently it’s offensive to encourage those members of a walking group to actually WALK. I did some research on her and found an online exchange that leads me to suggest she’s crazy. I guess I should have been tipped off when her application to join the group included the phrase, "I love birthday parties and giving free gifts." Cuckoo.

I had an amazingly wonderful conversation with a woman I respect and just want to hang out with her all the time. That bits not odd, just felt like sharing.

I drank root beer while out to dinner with a friend and cannot stop burping.

And finally, after dinner the friend and I went out to a coffee shop we’ve never been to where a cat walked lazily about and the lady behind the counter told us we could pay her next time if we needed to. You know, because she didn’t take credit cards.

Now I’m home and my whole family is asleep and I need to go crawl in bed with the boy. But yet, here I sit telling you all about my day. Odd. All around.