speaking hypothetically, of course

I haven’t been able to put into worlds the extreme suck that was today. There was yelling, slamming of doors, sobbing uncontrollably, trying to explain complex matters to a three-year-old, a new molar for Anya, a really creepy guy at the park, repeated instances of my kids injuring themselves, more poop on my carpet... all this before nap time!

I keep trying to figure out how to explain it all, as though you really need to understand the crazy that is me these days. But the reality is that I cannot, mostly because I don’t understand it all myself. I have learned one very important lesson: fear/stress/worry, when left unexamined, can turn into anger. And then? Then you just might end up scaring your children while you throw things and scream at your husband. Speaking hypothetically, of course. Not that I would ever do that. Because I’m not crazy! I don’t suppress things! NO! I’m totally mental stable.

Just saying.

But if we were talking about me, what kind of tips would you have for dealing with stress? Ideally, these tips would cost nothing. Because money is a major part of the stress. I mean, hypothetically, of course. IF we were talking about me and IF our issues have to do with financial stress.