Enter Sandman

Our home was originally commissioned by a couple of musicians who wanted to be able to give concerts both indoors and out, despite the fact that the property is located less than 300 yards from a major freeway (as the crow flies). The architect, who was just earning his chops in those days, came up with a brilliant design that we fall in love with again every day. The main part of the house is separated from the rest of our home by a big open deck, one that gives us views up the canyon. Thirty foot walls face the freeway and block out the sounds of urban life, turning the rush of the road into the gentle hum of a river. It’s an amazing compromise of country life with the convenience of being fifteen minutes from downtown. And, it forces us outside every single day. Many people grumble about that when they first see the place, wondering what we do when it’s raining and we want to go to bed. The short answer is: we get wet. The long answer is: and we don’t care. Seriously, we live in Southern California. A little wet isn’t a big deal and we don’t get snow, so it’s just not an issue. Mark and I have adjusted our lives by buying slippers with good soles; which isn’t such a sacrifice when you consider what we get for it: the moon and stars at night and a place for our kids to play outside where we don’t have to worry about their safety.

We’ve had a lot of parties here but we have yet to return the home to its original purpose. The only music coming from this home has been recorded or in the form of drumming during our annual Winter Solstice Party. Recently though, a friend told us about their friend, the rapping cowboy named Sandman. He’s on tour and wasn’t planning on hitting my town until she begged him to do just a small show. Long story short, the details are being worked out but it looks like we’re hosting.

A rapping cowboy.

Named Sandman.

Ah yeah. His music is actually pretty good and I’m totally looking forward to the event. Seriously, check him out and see if he’s hitting your neck of the woods. I’m betting this is going to be wicked good fun.

Now, if I can only get everyone healthy by then...