Dora the "explorer"

Mark: Dude, Dora’s backpack is so much lamer than Diego’s Rescue Pack. Even her song is less cool.

Me: I don’t know, that bag of hers has anything you could ever need in it. That’s going to come in handy when she’s older.

Mark: What, like it’ll have tampons in it?

Me: Um, I was going to go with gigolo, but yeah, tampons would be way more useful.

Mark: Gigolo? Really?

Me: Sorry, it was just in my brain with all the other crazy thoughts.

Mark: [In mock backpack voice]

Hey kids! Does Dora need a junkie?


What about a crack whore?


How about a gigolo?


Great! Tell Dora she needs a GIGOLO!

Me: That would be awesome.