Baja day 4: La Paz

Sadly, my hopes of a good nights sleep were shattered by too much heat, a rousing game of musical beds with the girls, odd dreams and uncomfortable (by my standards) beds.  I woke up groggy and grumpy and not so read to take the day by storm.  A quick dip in the pool after breakfast helped, but Anya was afraid of the water so I spent most of my time carrying her around on my hip, promising repeatedly that I would not dunk her under. 

The girls are already becoming more comfortable here and settling in to the grounds.  Since the complex is walled and the pool gated, we can allow them to wander without being right on top of them all the time.  And there is an endless stream of friends to meet and play with, some speaking only English, some only Spanish, but most a mix of the two.  Mark and I are prompting them to use the little Spanish we all know and they are quickly adapting to the flow.  

Before lunch we hit up the mercado, checking out the buckets of whole fish, watching the women make tortillas and browsing through mountains of fresh fruit and veggies.  They were enthralled. 

Nap time was a challenge though.  The last couple of days have had them napping in the car as we pass through mountains or over the badlands.  Today I lay down with them and read a book while they bounced and talked and refused to settle.  It took an hour for them to find sleep and then they only stayed for 90 minutes max. 

Now the breeze has kicked up and the little people are helping Susu make cookies while Mark and Milton are off at the harbor working on getting the boat ready for guests.  We're teaching the girls to say, "Mi Casa" when referring to this place for the next month.  They seem to be getting the hang of it.

Expect blogging to return to normal while were in La Paz.  More about traveling when we strike out for mainland Mexico in hopes of visiting Copper Canyon.  Photos will still be sporadic as La Paz has what they call Asymmetrical DSL with fast downloads but uploading is hit or miss.