a boat load of pelican poop

We're terribly excited that some friends are coming to join us here in La Paz for a couple of days and in honor of the occasion, we spent the day dealing with a boat load of pelican poop.  Literally. 

See, a friend of Milton's has a sail boat anchored in the bay that he's hoping to sell.  It's a beautiful thing, yet too much time unattended means that a whole lotta pelicans made it home for a while.  My uncle and aunt are going to come down to look into making it their own, but in the meantime we plan on using it like mad.  That's where the poop becomes an issue.  So Mark and Milton put together a dinghy so we could get out to it. Then Milton spent a bit of time under it with a hatchet trying to free the rudder from its love affair with sea life.  After that we motored over to the marina and while the boys went to work with a power washer and a scrub brush, I did what I could to haul out the contents of the cabins.  It was so hot and stuffy down there, that with the rocking from the water, I had to keep running up to take a breather on the dock.  At least I work fast.  I got most of the items sussed out and took a load of it to the car while the guys transformed the bow into a thing of beauty.  I left them to keep at it as I needed to get back to the girls and I'd hit my threshold on queasy.

But there's something about watching Mark on a boat that just stops me in my tracks.  He's so self assured and light on his feet when he's on the water.  I forget sometimes that he spent the majority of his 20's living and working on sail boats.  It reminds me how very much of him there still is to discover, even after almost 12 years together.  I love this about him.  It doesn't hurt that he's totally hot as well.

And I caught a self portrait moment in the aft cabin.  Do I look like I'm about to toss my cookies?


in the aft cabin