go fly a kite

two girls and the sea


We spent most of the day watching news coverage of the fires and looking up maps on Google, trying to figure out if there was a threat to our home.  I sent our house sitter a list of items to evacuate if she needed to go, stressing to her again that she and our animals were all that really matter.  Mark and Milton seriously discussed heading North, pushing the 20 hour trip by switching off driving.  Once there, they'd gather up the items on our list, get Mark's tools somewhere safe and then stay close to the news with a chainsaw in hand, ready to take down the beautiful pepper tree right outside our dining room window and drag it away from the house.  After a couple of phone calls, my brother in law told me to encourage Mark to stay put, promising he'd go pull the tree if it came to that.  The fire would have to burn through 1000's of homes to get to us so unless a new one sparks, we should be OK. 

By late afternoon, we couldn't watch anymore and needed to get out.  Susu got the girls into kite making since La Paz is having some pretty awesome wind conditions as well.  We all headed to the park to play, fly kites and enjoy some fresh coconuts in the sun.  It was a much needed break from worry and the kids had a great time, although the lack of naps for Lily is starting to show itself in the poor kid.  As always, I have photos.  Click on any of the images or links to bring you over to my flickr account.  Contact me if you don't have access to all my images and if I know ya, I'll make sure you can see them. 

Hoping that the fires will burn themselves out quickly and all our friends and family are safe. 

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