note to neighbors

5am?  Not such a good time for band practice. 

Especially?  When your band includes a drum kit and a TUBA player.


And yes, we're back from our boat trip.  Not a great time, but full of great little moments.  The cove we parked in for night one just rocked and rolled us all night and hardly anyone slept.  Then the next day we pulled into a beach during low tide and had to walk the dinghy in with the kids in it while the boys walked another dinghy around a cove so they could go spear fishing.  When we finally reached the beach and off loaded the kids and toys and umbrella (etc) we discovered the water and sand was full of sharp and stingy things and the "sand" was basically crushed shell shards.  Not a good beach.  At least the bay there was so calm it was like glass and everyone slept much better that night. 

On the way back, Milton and Susu took the girls in the dinghy to go look at Sea Lions and then we went through a pod of dolphins, enjoying their play in the bow wake and the children delighting in the creatures looking up at us and jumping.  We turned the boat around three times just to stay with them and play.  Of course, Mark forgot my camera.  GAH!  But I did get some shots with Susu's (though the battery was dead by the time we met the dolphins), so I'll be trying to upload them throughout the day. 

Glad to be back on land.  Been thinking of lots of topics to blog about and hoping to get to one or two of them soon!