lazy Saturday

We took the girls to see a movie today, the first time ever we've all attempted a flick together.  Anya fell asleep after insisting the whole thing was scary and about 10 minutes from the end Lily burst into tears and wanted to go home.  Nothing scary was happening so I don't know what set her off.  The movie was kinda lame as well.  I totally get that they were going for a lesson and all that, but well, it felt like all the same tricks, different species.  Nothing there was "wow" worthy.  At least we got in using two free tickets and only had to pay for Lily so it was a cheap family date. 

After the movie we opted for a carefree day at home.  Mark and I watched a bunch of TV (a month without our shows, thank you DVR!) and now I'm cooking up a roast in my nifty clay pot.  It won't be done until after the girls go to bed so maybe we'll call it a hot date and eat in front of the first roaring fire of the season in the living room fireplace while sitting on pillows.  Fancy.

The kids are currently enjoying a dinner of burritos and popcorn.  Yep, mother of the year, here I come.  

What's your idea of a lazy Saturday?