princesses in the wild

Ol' washer eye


Lily has already outgrown the bike we bought her just last year.  She still managed to ride it all the way around the loop at the park twice today, but it's clearly not working for her anymore with her knees occasionally banging into the handle bars and her back slightly hunched.  I guess we know what she's getting for Solstice this year.  Even Anya's little tricycle needed the seat adjusted back to give her some more pedal room.  Not that she pedals.  Nope.  She just lets you push while she sticks her legs straight out and rings the little bell

It's amazing to me how adventurous Lily's become.  She just rode straight off and away from us only allowing us to catch up when she took "a little break" because her "legs were tired".  Really?  You're four.  You're legs shouldn't get tired for another 30 years!  Crazy kid.

At one point she glanced over at a party that was setting up and caught sight of all the Indian women in their saris."OH!  Princesses!" she exclaimed!  "Wait.  Not princesses.  Just pretty ladies."
"How do you know that none of them are princesses?" I asked, trying to rekindle the spark of magic in her eyes.  "Sometimes princesses wear walking around clothes."
She thought about this for a really long time before looking deep into my eyes to see if I was telling the truth.  I held her gaze with a smile, wondering if I would always be able to hold up to such scrutiny and knowing that it wouldn't always be as easy as princess behavior in the wild.  Finally she released me with a smile of her own and I saw the spark of magic flow back into her eyes.  "Maybe." she said and rode on ahead of me with renewed energy.

I wonder how many years I have left before she realizes I don't always know what I'm talking about.