Live Blog a Turkey Roasting?

Today is our annual Harvest Dinner, a tiny shebang we're holding for 16 people this year (4 of those 16 are us).

Here's what I need to do (guests arrive at 3, dinner at 4:30 or 5):
Clean the kitchen so I can actually find all my important utensils.
Make cranberries.
Make pomegranate molasses for the turkey since I couldn't find it at Whole Foods.
Make stuffing.
Roast a whole freaking turkey. Not the way Lily would.
Make a side dish with pearl onions.
Clean the rest of the house and set up (with Mark's help, of course).

Shall we get started?

9:00: Awake with the husband and smile at the quiet. Kids are still at Grandma's.
9:30: Ready to start the cranberries. Except for the huge pile of dishes at the sink. Damn, will have to clean first.
9:35: come back from trip to the loo to discover Mark cleaning the kitchen. I'm so going to marry that man. Wait, I already did!
9:45: Marking double the pomegranate molasses.
9:48: Not enough lemon juice in two lemons... moving on to limes.
9:55: Pom on to reduce, grating ginger for cranberries. SO FREAKING COLD to grate frozen ginger.
10:08: Cranberries on the stove. Jumping around the kitchen like a dork, listening to tunes. Appropriate to the cranberries (somewhat) Cherry Poppin Daddy's just came up on iTunes.
10:15: Starting on the stuffing, yo.
10:18: Funny thing about Cranberries: normally when something is exploding in my kitchen, I've done a very bad thing. This is kinda fun.
10:36: Torn up bread bits in the oven to dry for the stuffing. Now on to the veg that's going into the stuffing.
10:45: CRAP! Forgot to roast the garlic. Doing so now.
11:09: Cranberries done (about 20 minutes ago). Chopping shallots.
11:11: Oh dear God, I can hardly see through the tears. When did shallots get so strong? Am trying the freezer trick to stop the weeping.
11:13: I think I need to start prepping the Turkey. Might as well let the shallots hang out in the freezer a little longer.
12:06: Turkey in the oven after cleaning (gross), smearing with a butter/sage/roasted garlic/salt/pepper rub inside and out (ick, I had my hand in a turkey butt - thank goodness for gloves). Need to get back to the shallots and stuffing.
12:26: I love the freezer trick for onions. It only buys you a little time but if you can chop fast... hells yeah. Getting back to the stuffing now.
1:15: one batch of veggie stuffing ready to stick in the oven. Regular batch (with egg and turkey broth) almost done.
1:20: Just occurred to me that I have yet to eat today. Let's that this opportunity, while everything is actually going as planned to EAT something.
1:39: OK, ate in a flash. Discovered I had bought the wrong ingredient for the turkey glaze. Also? Found oil all over one of the shelves in the pantry cabinet. Off to the store now that the mess is mostly cleaned up. [ETA: it's PANTRY, not PANTY.  Holy crap.]
2:18: Back from the store. What was I doing? Right. Being confused.
2:47: Feeling more on track. Cleaning up the kitchen is really making me feel in control. Still to do: roast the garlic, bake the stuffing, make the pearl onion side dish, finish up the turkey, smile and great guests. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to change my clothing as well! Weeee!
3:32: Turkey done (early! crap!) and people arriving!

9:27: Everyone gone, kids asleep. The turkey was AWESOMELY good. Best turkey ever made in my whole freaking life, yo. And everyone brought the most fantastic dishes. And despite what you read above, it was really easy this year and I felt mostly in control. Overall, a rocking party and an amazing dinner.