On My Butt

While driving home from the beach today we decided on a little family sing-a-long as we drove down the Malecon.  Nothing like having your four-year-old belt out the words to a song called "On My Butt" (her emphasis squarely on the "BUTT") to bring a family together. 

The words, for those of you who'd like to sing along at home, are as follows (sing them with feeling):

On my butt there is a picture of a lady
I put her there to get her off my mind
From the start our love was tainted
So I had her picture painted
On my butt, I left the girl, I left behind

 The song was written by a guy Milton used to know named Chet something-that-starts-with-a-W.  I've been listening to Mark sing it for years and years and during this trip, I finally got to listen to Chet's recording of it.  Turns out there are versus and stuff!  Who knew!  Milton promises me he'll get the tape converted to a digital file one day.  And when he does (someday) I'll promise to share the original with you.  There's also a track on there that includes the phrase, "Oh, I wanna be there, I wanna be there, when Jim and Tammy Baker meet the Lord" (I'm paraphrasing).  It's good stuff, yo.  EVEN for a girl who's not into the Country tunes.

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