falling in love

The other day while playing at a friends house, Lily found all the Barbie Dolls and gathered them into her arms, eyes shifting from right to left wary of the brave child who would attempt to take one away from her.  We don't have any of the freakish dolls so this means that she covets them.  Madly.  The look in her eye made me believe that at any moment she'd go huddle in the corner, stroke their hair and whisper, "precious" to each and every one of them.  I'm guessing she's going to have to get one of her own soon if I don't want her to actually turn into Gollum.

At one point she walked up to me with two of them in hand and declared that this one was Cinderella and this one was Sleeping Beauty.  Then she slowly turned them to face each other and brought them in close, mashing their faces together.  "They're falling in love." she whispered to me.
"Oh yeah?  What happens when you fall in love?" I asked.
"You're together all the time." She replied, twisting the Barbies side to side in what was obviously a very passionate kiss. 
I couldn't resist, "And what else?"
"OH!" she proclaimed loudly, "you play together a lot."

To me, this is the most awesome description of falling in love ever.  You want to be together all the time, you make out wildly and you play.  A lot.