just join, already

The funny thing about reading blogs for a living (about 300-600 of them at a go, depending on the day) is that those blogs you choose to read get pushed to the back burner.  I love you people and yet, if you're not part of the BlogHer Ad Network and I don't get to read you as part of work, well... it's hard to find time to read you at all.  This is annoying the heck out of me and making me look like an ass when I don't know the basics of your lives.  For that reason alone, you all should just go apply to the Ad Network*.  You make money too, which is never a bad thing.  I used to feel all conflicted about making a tiny income off my blog, but I'm no longer so proud.  Mama needs new tires for the minivan and they ain't gonna buy themselves. 

Despite this conflict, I'm digging my new job.  Even getting up at 5am isn't rocking my world as hard as I thought.  Don't get me wrong, I'm tired.  So tired.  But we're figuring out how to work with it.  On that note, don't call me after 9pm, m'kay?  But seriously, it never fails to amaze me that my eyes will blink open just minutes before my alarm is set to go off.  I think it's a skill buried in the same part of my brain that makes me suddenly sit up and walk towards the kitchen just before the oven timer start beeping.  Of course, the moment I decide to depend on said skill and NOT set a alarm or timer, I'm sleeping until noon or burning dinner.  It's a bitch, yo.

But 5am with the world still dark and my family sleeping quietly while I sit with a cup of tea and read some awesome blogs?  Really not a bad thing.  Watching the sun rise isn't half as bad as I feared.  And not having to feel guilty about being stuck to my computer instead of paying attention to my kids?  Also kinda nice.  Over all?  Good gig. 

Now go join the network so I can find out how you are. 


*No, I don't get a commission for referring you, just the joy of reading your blog again.  And that, my friends, that is a gift all in it's own.