Not gonna share.

I went to my friend Lorien's birthday party last night and since her husband and daughter were out of town, she offered that anyone who wanted to could stay over.  I opted to stay and so got drunk.  I haven't been that altered in about six years.   It'll likely be another six before I do that again.  In fact, I'm finally feeling normal at almost six pm TODAY.  Yeah. 

I learned my friend Sara is totally into karaoke .  Like BIG.  And she's good at it. I took video but I'm fairly certain it shows how Soccer Mom's shouldn't drink.  And no, I won't share it with you.  You all do NOT need to see me bopping around to 80's tunes with a side ponytail yelling (instead of singing) at the top of my lungs.  Besides, I fear my friends would physically hurt me if I shared. 

Off to recover.