calm down

OK really.  Can't rename a boat?  Curses it?  Where do you people get this stuff?  Yes, I know it's an old wives tale but EVERYONE we know renames their boat.  And we know a LOT of boat people.  And all of them?  Still alive!  Seriously.  Do you people refuse to look at a bird inside a building for fear it's the mark of death for a loved one?  Do you all make sure you don't walk on a crack so you don't break your mother's back? Do you really believe that you still have that hard rock of gum in your belly from seven years ago?  Do you wait an hour after eating before you go swimming?  Hey, tall people!  You don't drink coffee do you?  How 'bout you shorties?  Because you KNOW it stunts your growth, right?  And you, over there, making that face!  Watch it or it'll freeze that way!  And those of you with friends or family that hunt, make sure you don't touch any oil or water while they're out there or they'll be unable to bag anything.  Anyone here have a red-headed bridesmaid at your wedding?  Did she steal your groom?  Do you always throw salt over your shoulder if you spill it?  Ok, I do that last one.  But seriously!  Step back, yo.  Renaming a boat is not the beginning of the end.

Now can you make some name suggestions?  Or are you all going to insist on acting like crazy people?