laughing at the pain

I'm a little distracted.  Right now Milton is using a microscope, tweezers, a needle and a blade to remove several cactus barbs from a guest.  He's a big guy with multiple piercings and is whimpering like a four-year-old.  How would I know what the whimpers of a four-year-old sound like?  Guess.  Oh and he's very defensive about it as well.  Doesn't help that we're all making fun of him at the moment.  A lot.  Some of his buddies are taking photographs and I am audibly blogging him.  I feel for the guy, I do.  But I've had half a bottle of wine and everything is funny right now. (ETA: photos of the "operation" found here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Also?  I've had handfuls of Advil all day.  I pulled or strained a muscle in my shoulder yesterday while kayaking at the beach.  I couldn't get to sleep until about four am when I lost patience with my bodies natural ability to take care of itself and swallowed a handful of pills.  Slept great until 10am while Susu and my Aunt took care of the girls.  I've kept up the pill regimen throughout the day so I've felt nothing.  All day.  The wine?  She helps.

So since slightly drunk blogging is rarely smart, I'll simply leave you with this favorite shot from yesterday of Lily being completely oblivious.  Can you see what she's missing?