Anyone know how to bend time and space?



Anya tried to drown herself in the pool today.  OK, so she didn't try, but she did a damn good job of getting herself half way there.  She was playing on the steps of the pool with both Mark and I nearby when she slipped and went under.  She was thrashing around trying to get to the side of the pool when I caught sight of her from across the width of the pool.  "ANYA!" I yelled.  And then the entire contents of the pool jumped in front of me and pushed really hard so that it took three days to reach her struggling little body.  Pulling her up I was surprised to discover she hadn't swallowed any water at all.  She was still pissed off and clung to me ferociously, crying and burying her face in my chest while randomly spitting out words like, "Water! Down! Eyes! Under! Scared! Mama!"  Five minutes later she was happily playing again.  I didn't recover nearly as quickly, but am feeling less like screaming now. 

At least it was a good opportunity to show both Lily and Anya why they are not allowed anywhere near the pool when one of us isn't there.  And as soon as we get some extra funds, I'm totally putting them into swim lessons.  And?  I'm going to work on bending time and space.  Three days is much too long to be reaching for your drowning baby.  Seriously.