last day in La Paz

Tomorrow morning we're hitting the road again, heading North for home.  Yesterday Anya and I talked about it after a squabble over one of Michelle's toys.  She'd just HAD it, not being able to call anything her own. 

"Want to go home!  Want my toys and my dog!" She cried.
"And your bed and your swing set and your playhouse?" I asked.

Turns out Mark had just had a similar conversation with Lily.  I guess a month away really is enough for just about anybody.  I know I'm missing the quiet of home.  I'm missing the opportunity to really talk to my husband without interruption.  I'm missing my dog and fuzzy cat.  

And yet, we're all going to miss CasaBuena, home of dragonflies and punt bugs.  Home of two wild dogs, one soft kitty and the elusive bunny.  We'll miss the new friends we found here and the dear friends we came to see.  We'll miss days at the beach and the pool and the chance to always eat with friends.

Besides, how can you not miss a place that makes you feel like this:

silly family of mine


We'll see you next year, La Paz.