Off the chart

So we totally went OFF the chart when we rolled into San Qunitin at only 4:30 in the afternoon.  We realized that in just five hours we could be AT HOME.  We could go to sleep in our OWN beds.  It would be AWESOME!

So we beat feet for home. 

The girls both kinda lost their shit about 7pm and after the wailing and the fussing and the wiggling and the TRAUMA of so many hours in the car they both fell into fitful sleep only to wake at the border crossing to 1.) demand a new diaper (provided as we sat in line; changed her leaning over my seat and with her still in her car seat... yes, just hand me the kick-ass mama award now, please) and 2.) a blanket for the big kid (not provided.  we didn't have one).  

Mark and I, who were positively punchy by this point, started singing random nonsense songs about America and acting like dorks, which put them back to sleep.   

When we finally made it home Anya ran around exclaiming, "Look!  My Stairs!" "My stroller!" "My dollhouse!" "My pillow!" etc until she was dizzy with joy. Then we tucked both girls into their beds and said goodnight.  I've heard nothing but snores since then.  AWESOME.

Now it's bedtime for the big people.  Tomorrow will be a day filled with laundry and groceries and checking the tress for fruit and cleaning off the play structure and just getting settled back home. 

 Home rocks.