Right then, NEW PLAN!

So that didn't work out.

Yesterday we drove up to my Uncle's cabin on the mountain expecting to stay the night and enjoy some quiet family time.  About half way up the mountain we realized we had a problem.  We were in the minivan which, while it's sporting brand new tires, is NOT the vehicle you'd want to drive through hail and snow.  The landscape shifted from slush and ice to a stunningly beautiful blanket of snow the higher we drove.  When we reached the road to their cabin the snow was so thick that the van only made it half way before the wheels started spinning and Mark threw it into reverse to get us out of there before we were stuck.  I was thinking that at least I'd get some photos of the landscape but the camera battery was kaput. 


So we had a quick lunch at the only restaurant on the mountain and headed back down the hill.  The roads were already being closed down due to the recent fires in that area and the subsequent threat of mudslides so it was pretty certain that we weren't going to even come back today for a quick snowball fight and some cocoa at the cabin (and a soak in the amazing tub for me).  Ah well. 

Instead we spent the evening setting up our tree and this morning decorating it, which sent the girls into spasms of joy.   Awesome.  For more on our unexpected weekend festivities, click the photo below.


Cheesy grins


Remind me not to tell them to smile.  It's amazing the faces they make.