Fly Hard, but settle that tummy


Dropping off the girls at Grandma's house yesterday we came across this small fella.  He didn't fly away even when I gently prodded him to go, seeing how he was in the path of foot traffic.  Instead he looked at us with his big reflective eyes and shook as though shivering.  I'm guessing it was too cold for butterfly's in the beach area today.  The girls were fascinated with the beautiful silvery wings and long face. I went ahead and moved him to the top of the wall, hoping he'd get some sun and take off for a warmer climate.  Sadly, he was still there when Mark and I came to pick up the kids ten hours later.  Still alive, but still in the same spot. 

ETA: My mom writes:

"Here's the rest of the butterfly story. Steve had found him clinging to the bottom rung of the ladder Monday when he hung Christmas lights. He gently placed the butterfly on the porch. You found him in the same spot on Wednesday. On Thursday, Steve was thrilled to see the butterfly had moved to the wall, and had flattened out its wings. When he moved to touch it, it fluttered off heading south 'to a warmer climate.' Don't you just love happy endings?" 


We went to see a preview last night of "Walk Hard".  First preview I ever attended where they had two thug looking dudes checking cell phones to see if they had video capability (mine does, I lied so they wouldn't take it away) and then another dude with a metal detector wand to "frisk" you before you entered the theatre.  The flick was an amazing parody of all those "life of a star" movies and managed to have some really good music if you ignored the (intentionally) cheesy lyrics.  I have the title song stuck in my head even now.  But it was pretty dern brilliant and one I'd recommend in a heartbeat.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

My mom was watching the girls for us while we went and we didn't get them home and into their own beds until about 11pm.  They had gone to sleep hours before at Grandma's of course, but not thirty minutes after getting the girls into bed, Lily started to throw up.  I cleaned her up while Mark changed her sheets and her little face brightened considerably when she saw something.  "Look, Mama!  He's getting the purple sheets I like so much!"

"Yeah?"  She nodded happily.  "Did you throw up on your other sheets just so you could get the purple ones?" I teased.
A smile showed up behind the thumb stuck in her mouth and she nodded another yes before breaking into giggles.  I assumed that meant she was OK.

Not so much.

She threw up every half hour the rest of the night.  

She's doing better this morning and we're going on 5+ hours without the bucket.  She's hungry but so far I've only let her eat some Miso soup, a banana and some scrambled eggs.  We're taking this slow, people.   Keep her tummy in your thoughts!