maybe that's why

I'm starting to think my tired may not be totally unfounded.  I sat down this morning with a wee bit of quiet time to look at what we've been doing since the weekend.  Lemme explain.  No, it'll take too long; lemme sum up:

Saturday: After I work a couple hours in the morning we head up to the mountain to check out the snow.  We arrive to no power and a very cold cabin, but we have a blast anyway.  Snowballs are thrown, dogs play catch, hikes are taken, hot cocoa is consumed.  We race home in time to attend a 60's party and are the only ones who show up in costume.  By the time we get home, I can only manage to stumble into bed and don't recall the next seven hours.

goofy family


Sunday: I'm up early again to work.  Mark runs off with Milton and friends for a couple of hours while I wrangle she who whines and she who destroys.  After playing for a while at Java Mama, I pack the girls into the car and head home for naps.  Anya barfs all over herself and the car seat.  Weeee!  She gets to stay home with Daddy while Lily and I attend a potluck with Santa.  We brought spiced apples, Santa brought the candy canes.  Lily cried, but accepted her gift of a book greedily.  On the way home this conversation occurs:

Me: Did you have a good time with your friends?
Lily: Yeah.  But you know what?
Me: What?
Lily: It wasn't really fun without Anya

My little heart grows three sizes.

not sure what to do


Monday: I organized a craft fair.  I don't know why, I didn't have any thing to sell.  But hey, it was fun if not insane.  Afterwards we all head over to a friends house to make gingerbread houses (technically, they were graham cracker houses).  She had pre made 30 houses and then set the kids all up with candy and frosting.  It was wicked good fun but the kids were wicked good exhausted by the end and melt downs ensue. 

Tuesday:  Mostly hang out at home recovering from the last couple of days.  Towards the end of nap time, Mark comes home early and sends me out to do some shopping for the season.  I spend an hour getting together all my purchases at the first store only to arrive triumphant at the cash register to discover I have no wallet.  The cashier must have seen the panic in my eyes because she quickly offered to hold my items, told me not to cry (I was thisclose) and then sent me home to get it.  I hate malls.

Today: My mom takes the girls this afternoon after we go do a "Winter Wonderland" thingie at Java Mama's.  I will likely sleep.  Except for that I can't.  Because the mall was only a mostly successful trip yesterday and I have to go back.  Again.   

Oh, and I'll also upload the gingerbread photos later today... I'm out of time now and need to go get dressed!