7 Days: Day 3

Day 3: fish faced kiss goodbye

Mark on his way to work shares a fishy goodbye kiss with me. Any idea how hard it is to make a fish face when you're giggling like a school girl? Just ask Mark. Kidding. Mostly.

ETA: Lily wanted to get in on the kissy face action.  Here's her take.    For the 7 Days Project.


I've been struggling so much lately with staying on top of things.  I've felt like I'm flailing around unable to make anything happen while trying to care for two very dramatic and clingy little girls.  This morning when I felt myself falling into that place of panic and frustration, I picked up and moved to another room, letting the girls play on their own.  Eventually they went outside to enjoy the sudden warm weather and the whole rest of the day (with me pointedly avoiding them) has gone brilliantly.  They play so well when I am not watching over them!  They resolve their fights, help each other, ask for help from me only when they actually need it and allow me to get my work done.  It's been an amazing day thus far.  I'm even considering dubbing it a Christmas miracle.  But that may jink it, so forget I said anything.


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