Ponies, a silly pooch and a small disaster

Last night as we drove to my Aunt and Uncle's house for the big family Christmas Eve dinner Lily looked out the window and spied a star.  "Look mama!  I'm going to make a wish!"  Then she wished for two ponies.  

Guess what she got in the gift exchange last night?

Yup.  A little set with two ponies, a duck, a cow and a sheep. I thought she was going to lose her head with the power of wishing.  Quite frankly, I'm a little nervous about what she'll wish for next.


Also on the way to my Aunt and Uncle's last night we came around the corner heading up the hill to their home when I noticed a man standing by the side of the road with a dog.  His hand was looped through the dogs collar as he inspected her tag with one hand, a cell phone in the other.  "Mark, back up."  I instructed.  Mark stopped and threw the car into reverse while I rolled down the window.  "Is that Maggie?" I called out to the fellow.  The dogs head snapped up towards me and her whole body shook with wiggles.
"I'm thinking, yes." He replied.
"Thanks for grabbing her.  We'll take her from here!"  I opened the back of the van and she hopped in delighted to sniff around and make the girls giggle. 

Turns out she likes to explore the neighborhood on occasion and with all the coming and going she slipped the gate when nobody was looking.  She always makes it home alright... mostly through the kindness of strangers. 


 Getting ready for bed last night, I stepped out of my new slippers to climb into bed when I noticed the carpet was cold underfoot.  I had noticed the same sensation a couple nights ago but after a quick inspection I found no kitty urine smell so dismissed it as unimportant.  Seems that since I became a mom if a wet spot doesn't smell like piss, I throw it out of my mind.  Not so smart.  This time I decided to investigate further.  I removed my bedside table and yanked on the edge of the carpet.  Yep.  The pad and carpet is soaked from the wall to the bed.  We're thinking it's from the leaky toilet on the other side of that wall. 

Guess I finally get to make-over my bedroom!  Weeeee!  Hey, I figure if we're ripping out the carpet (which we hate), we might as well pull up the attached bathroom tile (which we also hate) to make sure it doesn't have water under it.  And the toilet that makes a whoosh like a jet engine will obviously have to be replaced as well.  We might even have to open up that wall to inspect the plumbing.  And if the room is all empty for the floors and the walls get torn up then it simply goes to follow that we should put some nice paint on the walls.  And if you're going to do paint, you might as well hang some nice photos on the walls.  So pretty much, looking at a total do-over.

Thank goodness the Grands sent us a little money for the holidays.  Now, instead of paying off those pesky bills we can have a pretty bedroom.  Good to know our priorities are set.


I'll get a self portrait for the 7 Days Project later.  Right now we're off to visit me mum, then pick up Mark's brother from the airport, back home for naps and to welcome a friend over to visit and THEN to my sisters for dinner.  Hummm... I hope I can find time for the photo!  In any event, please don't miss this post.  It may be a wee bit of a downer, but it's an important one.