Yesterday I hosted a clothing swap in hopes of getting some clothing that actually fits my rapidly shrinking and expanding form. Instead, I got piles and piles of clothing that nobody wanted and I now have to figure out where to donate it. Seriously, everyone came over, put their stuff out, sat around and talked and then went home. Only a few people took anything home with them. At least we had a really good time hanging out with each other and snacking while the kids were all off with Dad.

After the swap I went to a Henna Party where we spent more time without our kids, drank too much and applied temporary henna tattoos. The hostess quickly picked up o the fact that I am a funny drunk and since my friend had driven me to the party, I was shirtless and loud within the hour. The designs were awesome and the two women applying them did beautiful work. I tried out a tattoo I’m considering for permanent residence and figured out a few things I’ll do differently if I get it inked for real.

Overall, good time had by all and a nice break from my normal life.

Click on the photo below for a whole set from the Henna Party.

ankle swirl

ETA: more photos found here.