Every time my husband goes out of the town my house falls apart

It started raining last night and by 9am I had a leaking roof dripping directly onto Lily's bed and the tarp covering our white trash side shed thingie had partially flown off and what was hanging on had gathered a massive amount of water. Things that shouldn't get wet got very wet. And Lily? Lily was staring at the puddle growing on her bed and asking me "why?" questions over and over.

Because of the rain I had offered up our house for playgroup, mostly because it meant I didn't have to go anywhere. When people started arriving, I ran out to the white trash shed thingie to try to right the wrong and after getting muddy and pissed off, I just moved what I could into the actual shed. Then I gathered a bunch of bricks and some plastic and climbed up onto the roof, now soaked through due to the buckets of water dumping on me. I figured if I was going to be skittering around in the rain on the freaking roof it'd be nice to have someone else watching my kids and to call 911 when I fell to my possible death. Sadly the plastic and bricks did little to stop the water coming into the room. That's when I rearranged the bedroom to get her bed out from under the dripping.

Of course, though this whole ordeal Mark and I were text messaging back and forth. I finally got annoyed and typed, "WHY does the place fall apart every freaking time you go out of town?" My lovely husband replied with, "Builds Character."

As though I need more character.

At least I had a good laugh and a hot shower. The playgroup moms shooed me off to recover while taking care of my kids and the muffins I had been making when I discovered the water issue. There's nothing like the love and care of a gaggle of moms (and one awesome dad).