I'm awesome

Yesterday after the kids had their nap I noticed that the roof was still leaking in Lily room. I figured that the bricks I used to weigh down the plastic needed reinforcement and so headed back up to the roof. Since all the playgroup moms had left hours prior and I had no idea who'd be by to check in on us I dialed 911 on my cell phone and handed it to Lily, showing her the send button. "You hit that button if Mommy falls off the roof, kay?" She nodded her agreement, clutching my phone in her hand and watching me climb out the landing and onto the roof. I hauled the oversized bricks into place in the light rain, stopped a minute to catch my breath and smile big at Lily. Then I stepped up onto the cross brace, swung my leg up to the railing, placed my hands at the corner of the top rail and in a single movement jumped up and over onto the landing, feet squarely together and resisting the urge to throw my arms up in the air like a gymnast and yelling out "TA DA!". Despite the fact that I kept the fancy finish in my head I heard Lily gasp and looked over to hear a breathless, "WOW! You're AWESOME, Mom!"

That's right, kid. I totally kick ass.