I see her future in single bills

Anya is asking me for the keys to the car and telling me she's hungry. We haven't been eating out THAT much as of late, so maybe she just wants a Chai from the drive through Starbucks? Not exactly sure.

In any event, the little beastie has a new habit and I'm worried it may indicate her future profession. You see, she's got this little trick she pulls when I'm changing her diaper. The second I get that wet dipe off her girly bits, she'll roll over, stick her butt in the air and ummm... slap her ass.

OK. OK. So I may have encouraged this behavior by laughing uproariously and patting her butt as though playing a drum. And I may have, by doing so, turned a one time thing into a very inappropriate ritual. BUT IT'S FUNNY. And if the Internet weren't full of nasty, icky people, I'd totally get it on video and share with you all. I swear, you should all come over for a visit; I'll make cookies and tea and we'll change her diaper for kicks. It'll be awesome.