Another cool thing added to this blog today (where does she find the time?) is a Snap Preview. What, pray tell, is a Snap Preview, you ask? Take your mouse and move it over a link*, for instance the one above for Snap. See that little box pop up with a preview of the website? SEE IT? Is that not the coolest thing EVER? I'm a little excited about something that may be annoying, so let me know if you now have the urge to smash me over the head with a blunt object. I'm sleep deprived, coughing so much my ribs hurt, worried about the listless one and just genuinely goofy, so I may not know how lame it is. Right now? At this moment? Totally think it's cool.

What say you?

* it doesn't appear as though it works for internal links, so try something on the sidebar like Mama Says Om if you're getting nothing. Also, it doesn't always have the latest and greatest changes, but it does seem to give an awesome look at the site with nary a click.

ETA: If you're reading in a feed reader (Bloglines, for instance), it's not gonna work for ya. You'd think that was a DUH, but well, turns out it's not.