Ungle me!

Anya’s been working hard on talking and will now mimic almost anything you ask. It’s often hard to understand what she’s asking for and I do a lot of pointing and saying, “This? No? This? Alright. How about this!? GAH! I don’t know what you want!” Then I usually beat my hands against my head and roar a bit ‘cause that’s how I roll: caveman style.

Today Anya’s been fussy, tired and with her “Mommy” button stuck in the on position. She just climbed into my lap and said, “Ungle me.” It took me a second but I finally asked, “Snuggle me?” and she nodded yes. And now she is sleeping, drooling on my chest and punctuating her breathes with a snore here and there. It’s perfection in a tiny bundle that is not currently shouting “NO!”

On the other hand, I’m trapped in my chair and I haven’t a clue where Lily’s gone. And since she awoke today with some of her old spunkiness, I fear she may be in her room painting the dog. She was, after all, angry at me for insisting she wear more than a skimpy, sleeveless and short dress when it’s cold out and yesterday she had a raging fever. Such an unreasonable Mommy, she has. Ah well, there’s the dog and she is still decidedly yellow lab, so I guess we’re in the clear for now.

Where’s the cat?

ETA: Holy Pete! She didn't run off to shave the cat! She put herself down for a nap! A NAP! I guess she's still not feeling all that great. Poor Boo.