The Other White Milk

I’ve been trying to sum this up on my own, but it’s just too preposterous. See, the National Pork Board thinks that nursing advocates like The Lactivist are in the business of “...promote[ing] the use of breastmilk beyond merely for infant consumption...”. They take umbrage with the following slogans, available on tee-shirts:

"The Other White Milk." "Dairy Diva," "Nursing, Nature's Own Breast Enhancement," "Eat at Mom's, fast-fresh-from the breast," and "My Milk is the Breast."

You may have noticed that the first one they mention is close to their piggy little hearts with a fantastic parody of their “Other White Meat” campaign. I’m guessing they threw in the other slogans so they wouldn’t look like preschoolers who just had their ball taken away and are throwing a massive hissy fit.

Jennifer, the mom behind The Lactivist has until the 5th to comply with their demands, which she lists as “remove the shirt, demanded that the image of the shirt be removed from any site I know of, demanded that I destroy any shirts that exist with the logo and demand that I not at any point in the future use the phrase in a commercially profitable way.” You can see the full list as a PDF by clicking here.

Clearly they’ve never heard of the laws regarding parody. It’s more likely they’re following the unsettling pattern of bullying bloggers and work-at-home-moms into doing whatever they want, knowing that they don’t have the money to fight the big law firms.


Time to stir up some bad press, kids. Please join me in shaming the pork people. Maybe if enough of the little guys stand up and say this is wrong, they’ll back off and go lick their bacon grease in silence.

The full story can be found here, at the Lactivist's blog here with an update here.

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