House concerts, here we come

After our fantastic experience with Sandman the Rappin’ Cowboy, my mom gave me an article about the house concert circuit providing me with links and info on several homes in our area that do just this. To say we got excited would be an understatement. I found a concert on February 3rd and we contacted the guy in charge to see if we could take a couple of minutes to talk over the whole process. He graciously said yes. We had enough child free time to have dinner before hand and sat in a coffee shop pouring over an abandoned National Enquirer and making fun of the celebrities while munching sandwiches. We walked two blocks to the home and settled in after briefly chatting with the home owner. The concert featured an old time banjo/fiddle player who spent as much time telling stories as he did playing. He was awesome. And the couple hosting were really wonderful, warm and fun. At one point I mentioned my knitting group and the wife jumped on me, wanting to get in on the knit fun. We left the concert refreshed, happy and making plans. We’re totally doing this.

We plan on focusing on family friendly events as most of the house concert venues stipulated no children. Now we just have to figure out how to get bookings. Although from what our hosts were telling us, they get press packages on a daily basis, so once we’re out there, we should have plenty to choose from. Now we just have to sell our big bulky furniture (something we’ve been wanting to do anyway), replace it with comfortable light pieces, paint the place and figure out how to get the porch light to stop burning out bulbs. Details, details.

I’m just really hoping the girls will look back on this and think, “AH HA! That’s why we grew up with musicians and art all over the place!” Totally dig it, yo.