the dreaded molars

Ani has been working on cutting her molars and hasn’t been sleeping all that well, so when Sunday dawned, it did so to one very cranky toddler. She spent the morning doing three things: nursing, screaming and sleeping. Her cheeks were red and swollen, her mood horrific and her mama stressed. We finally gave in and gave her Motrin, recognizing that as much as we don’t like that stuff, this pain was offering her nothing and we had to make it stop. It was one of the worst mornings I’ve had in a long time.

When it was time to head to my sisters for a Super Bowl party, she started screaming again. “Should we stay home?” Mark asked, concern slashed across his face. I was uncertain, but felt like if we got around people, noise, food, playmates, maybe she’d be distracted and better. Luckily I was right. Once we got there, she embraced her cousin in a hug and they, along with Lily and friend Nina, started causing trouble. I walked into the kitchen and asked my sister for tequila*. It was up so high I had to get Mark to help me, pointing up at the bottle and telling him, “I need that.” He replied with, “Yes, yes you do.” and promptly handed over the bottle. One shot, then another fifteen minutes later was enough to mellow out my frazzled nerves and let me enjoy the party. And Anya did great the whole rest of the day, playing happily and hard. She went to sleep easily and slept through beautifully.

Lily didn’t have this kind of trouble with the dreaded molars, but as my friend Lorien pointed out, she’s a whole ‘nother person. There’s just nothing worse than watching your child suffer. Here’s hoping that this whole molar thing passes soon.

*I know there’s been a whole lot of controversy about drinking around kids. All I have to say is: everything in moderation, including moderation. As long as you’re not getting smashed and then acting like an ass, I have NO problem with people drinking around their kids. ‘Nuff said.