Stick Stuff On Your Head Day

Chris of Rude Cactus fame has declared this "Stick Stuff On Your Head Day 2007." He manages to do so in such a way that made me cry (just a little) and made me want to join in. Why? Because I am simultaneously a joiner and a sucker for a sob story. It’s like he knows a large portion of his audience are crazy stay at home moms.

Anyway, I was inspired by Lily who has recently begun making up songs. These songs always include two very important elements: an animal and an inappropriate body part for said animal to sit upon. For instance: “A cat on your nose!” she’ll sing over and over again and then burst into laughter. Because well, it’s a CAT! on your NOSE! AHHHHHH HA HA HA! Sometimes she departs from the animal theme, drawing on the inspiration around her. Just the other day she fed Anya for me by placing kernels of corn on her elbow and singing about CORN! on her ELBOW! COOOOORN!

It was an especially fabulous dinner.

So in the spirit of 3.5 year old little girls and Rude Cacti everywhere, I give you my self portrait entitled,

“a GIRAFFE! on my HEAD!”

a GIRAFFE! on my HEAD!

Damn inspirational, if I do say so myself.