run away

My husband came home today after a brief trip out to find me and the girls unexpectedly* gone. He told me later that when he noticed my computer missing, for a brief moment he thought I might have left him. We both laughed aloud at that thought.

*By "unexpectedly" I mean he forgot we were headed over to my sisters house where I would drop off the kids and spend a little time on my own. Since I didn't know what I would be doing with this gift of free time, I had thrown my computer and my knitting in the car. We ended up meeting at a coffee shop and chatting for the hour we had off before going to collect our girls and enjoying a dinner out with my sis and her family. It was delightful, this hour spent over tea and conversation, first making small talk and then digging deeper into where to put the vegetable patch, what to do next in out lives, hopes, dreams, chatter of camping in the desert and fleeing to Mexico. We've come to cherish these mini breaks from our real life, sitting with each other and laughing. It's amazing what an hour with my husband, doing nothing but talking can do for our marriage. I am so grateful for those moments.