Turning her absence to my advantage

My friend Lorien has run off to England for three months with her family and even though she's been gone only one week, I miss her like crazy. We got to see her quite a bit the week she left (yes, even though my kids were sick, I dragged them up to see her anyway because I like her that much) and every time I did she'd hand me something to deliver to someone. The night before they left we went up to go out to dinner with them and her husband asked if they were taking the "big camera." She shook her head no and like the freak that I am I practically shouted, "CAN I HAVE IT?" After laughing at me, they said yes, I could borrow the Digital SLR that I've been drooling over. We figured this would be a good way to figure out if it's something I would actually use or if it would just be a big purchase with no purpose.

Well, in the last week I've taken about 500 photographs. I am just in love with the ability to click the shutter AND THEN? THEN being able to click it again without having to wait three hours! The delay on my little point and shoot is maddening, so this is the big time for this shutterbug. And the depth of field makes me giddy. I didn't realize how much the little camera compresses the field of focus until I saw the way the Rebel focused in on the subject and blurred the background. And shut up, I know there are probably technical terms for all this, I just don’t know them!

Anyway, I've been having a blast. Missing Lorien, of course, but getting down with her bad ass camera in a seriously happy way.

For kicks, check out this set of photos of Anya as she shows me what she's been keeping in the washing machine.


Also, if you want to see all the photos taken so far (no, I didn't upload all 500) then follow this link: CLICK IT!