in praise of Egg Drop Soup

Lately when Mark goes out of town someone gets sick. This time, I awoke this morning with a wicked sore throat, a cranky baby with a stream of clear snot coming out of her and an (almost) four year old coughing and sneezing. I had seen signs of all this coming last night and had even taken the baby to bed with me after her fourth waking between 7 and 10pm. She continued to wake up and demand, "NOSE!" but at least I was there to wipe it for her rather than having to run into her room and try to keep her from waking Lily, who was already bitter with disappointment over her mother stating that she could not sleep on the deck in the rain.

We've had a rather exhausting day, but at least when I told Lily I was just too tired to do anything, I heard her say, "Come on, Anya. Let's go play in our room and let Mommy rest." I'm SO keeping that child. When dinner rolled around I almost cried at the prospect of cooking. But then I remembered Egg Drop Soup. Do you all know about the joy and wonder that is Egg Drop Soup? See, not only is it delicious but it's totally easy to make. And the girls were fascinated with the process of egg turning to delicately feathered wisps. I had forgotten how well it sooths a sore throat and am happy to say that right now, I feel about 100 times better than before dinner. I don't expect it to last forever, but am thrilled with the current result.

Anyway, it's to bed early for this clan. I'm off to put the baby down and then talk the big kid into bed. From there, it's couch potato land for me, followed by bed. Here's hoping I get to sleep in it with out the "NOSE!" child.