7 Days: Day 3

Day 3: watching the Easy Bake do its thing

I once expressed that I really wanted an Easy Bake Oven. Thanks to Jenny, I'm over it now. She had one that she was getting rid of and remembered my wish. It's nice to have generous friends, even if you end up going "meh" over the outcome.

I mean, sure, the wonder and the light bulb all glowey and the children peering into the thing in anticipation was nice. But the cake? As though plastic was baked right in. And the fighting over who gets to look now? Not so fun. Lily laller laller lallering off in the distance when I thought she might be interested in helping? Good times. The little one repeatedly trying to touch the hot bits, just because it made my face go wonky? Not so delightful.

But at least I got to find out that I didn't miss a thing by not having one as a child. Plastic infused food really wasn't something that I was craving back then. I just wanted the little cakes. I can make little cakes that taste waaaaay better and don't have a plastic aftertaste without the little oven on my counter top.

Anyone want to find out for yourself? Clearly we're already over it.