the other Mama

Today when Anya held up a hair clip and then pointed at her head while making her characteristic "aaaahh?" sound, I removed said clip from her ear (where it had immediately gone) and clipped it into the little bit of hair she has. "Want to see?" I asked and then held her up to the mirror in the kitchen.

"AH-NA" She pointed at the Anya in the mirror and waved hello. Then she pointed up at my reflection and said, "MAMA!" I'm pretty sure this was a big moment for her; she's either made the reflection connection or she's thrilled that there are two Mama's and two Anya's and will now direct the other Ani to chase Mama around demanding "UP!" and "ELK!" (aka milk) and hang on the other Mama's pant leg. You know, to cover all the bases. Wouldn't want that other Anya to shirk her duties as a clingy toddler. NO! That other Mama doesn't need a break either, I'm sure.

Not that I'm projecting or anything. NO. That's something the other Mama might do, but not me. I'm so above that. Right?