Two kids in ONE room!

Last year we went out and bought a set of bunk beds for what was then Lily's room. Lily loved the darn things and would spend each evening deciding which bed to sleep in: top bunk? Bottom bunk? Guest room big bed right next door? So many choices for one little girl. About the time she finally settled into her life in the bottom bunk, Anya really started having trouble sharing her sleep space with us. Before you knew it, she was sleeping in our big bed and Mark and I had resigned ourselves to the guest bed. We were just so thankful she was sleeping again, we didn't really care where we were. After awhile, that got old and we wanted our bedroom back so I sat down with Lily and told her what was going on.

"It's time for Sister to stop sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room, but we're not quite sure where she should sleep."

Big wide eyes, listening intently.

"We can move her into the big bed in the guest bedroom and you can keep sleeping on the bottom bunk here. OR, you can sleep in the big bed and Anya can sleep on the bottom bunk. OR you can sleep on the top bunk while Anya sleeps on the bottom. What do you think?"

She processed her choices for a while, turning over how this affects her. "How 'bout I sleep in the big bed and Anya sleeps in my bed?"

"That work for you?"

"Yeah! I like that."

"And when Anya gets good at sleeping in the bottom bunk and isn't waking up anymore, how about you move back in there and sleep in the top bunk! Wouldn't that be great?!"

[Crickets chirping]

"OK, we can talk about that later."

So for the last couple of months, Anya has been getting really good at sleeping on the bottom bunk, falling asleep somewhat easily around 7:30 and sleeping [mostly] straight through to 5 or 6am. Sweet.

After the whole leaky roof business while Mark was away and the fact that Lily's been sick, Mark decided that he needs to tear out the ceiling and find the leak, as well as check for mold*. Can't really do that with a kid sleeping in there, so last night, he talked Lil into the top bunk**. With Anya on the bottom one. And everyone slept the whole night through! We're this close to having everything as we planned. Is it appropriate to do the evil, hang wringing laugh now or should I give it another week of peaceful sleeping?

* In our old house, we had a leak in the roof and when Mark finally got in there to fix it, he found mold. And he hadn't thought to wear a mask. He was sick for THREE MONTHS with respiratory issues. He's totally freaked out that that's why Lily's been sick and while I keep telling him that all the kids are sick with this one, he's still going after the ceiling with a saw. AND A MASK.

** I swear, that man can talk Lily into anything. ANYTHING.

Just like her mother.